Wiki Services

Wiki Services

Wikis have evolved into a key element of the KM toolkit and hut31 have a long experience in the creation and maintenance of these wikis within a business environment.

Wikis provide a collaborative platform which improves communication and engenders a culture of sharing knowledge. Easily and quickly updateable via a web browser, you always see the latest version. They encourage self-learning and beak down the information silos that can exist within a company.

They improve communication between staff and sub-contractors, allowing you the get the job done right first time.

The knowledge is securely stored and shared, with fine-grained permissions that are easily controlled.

Wikis can be used to create process guides, user manuals, technical documents and for project management. They encourage the use of one enterprise vocabulary ensuring that everyone understands first time.

How we can help

hut31 can support you throughout the entire project life cycle and provide comprehensive training, support and facilitation.

We can help you establish a wiki system for use within your company. This can be installed on your existing system, or a new system supplied to support this service.

We can also support your existing wiki and offer advice, support and guidance on how to best utilise it as you to benefit from our methodology and experience.

We can also migrate existing sources of information into your wiki and provide other migration services.