KM Portfolio

Knowledge Management Portfolio

A business is as individual as its employees; one solution does not fit all and your Knowledge Management (KM) portfolio should be tailored to your business requirements. This portfolio should bring more value than the sum of the individual activities, and there should be a clear return on investment.

Furthermore, as time progresses and your business evolves, this portfolio should expand to maintain its effectiveness and reflect your business needs; some practices may have to be revaluated and new practices identified and deployed.

hut31 have a range of services in our Knowledge Management Portfolio so that your business can benefit from the most efficient and effective KM practices, and have a service tailored to your needs.

hut31 services

Identify your Knowledge Management needs: We provide a diagnosis service which audits your business, identifying improvements using our Knowledge Management services. We use established methods to provide an action plan associated with a long-term strategy.

Systematic support of Knowledge Transfer: We provide an efficient and effective method to support the movement of people as they change roles, join or leave the company, and new roles are created with no one having the correct skills set. We prevent the loss of knowledge experienced in these scenarios and provide a structured and formalised process to support the knowledge transfer and to minimise disruption to the business.

Capture and share Lessons Learnt: We support the creation and sharing of Lessons Learnt so that your business can benefit from previous experiences, share innovative ideas and best practices, and develop a culture of experience-sharing. This prevents mistakes being repeated and allows you to get things right first time.

Capture and share knowledge: We provide an effective and uncomplicated method for capturing, sharing and reusing knowledge. This ensures the right information gets to the right person in the correct format in the minimum amount of time. It provides information quickly and easily, from a reliable, validated source.

Wiki services: We support the installation, customisation and support of wikis. They provide collaborative platform which forms the backbone of the Knowledge Management toolset, improve communication and engenders a culture of sharing knowledge.

Find experts: We provide a method which allows you to quickly find the employee who can provide you with the knowledge and information you require. Your business already has a large asset of experience and expertise in its employees and this is often not visible or accessible. We can remove these barriers and ensure that questions are answered quickly.

Communities of Practice and Learning Organisations: We support the development of social learning within the business environment. Often employees have common goals; with the correct facilitation of a community these goals can be achieved in a shorter timeframe and through the contribution of multiple experts, ensuring the outcome is the correct one.