Business Expertise

Business Expertise

Long gone are the days when reference books and manuals sat on your desk; knowledge is constantly evolving and being updated. When you need to find information you want to find it quickly and easily, from a reliable, validated source and know that you are looking at the most recent version.

Business Expertise provides an effective and uncomplicated method for capturing, sharing and reusing knowledge, and delivers the right knowledge to the right people in the right format first time.

How does it work?

Our methodology has evolved over many years and ensures that the process occurs smoothly and completely, avoiding common pitfalls. It is based on a simple plan-do-review cycle:

Plan-Do-Review cycle

Plan: A business case is created which establishes the purpose and reason for the activity. It defines the scope and depth of knowledge and identifies all participants such as the experts to interview and the target audience. From this a project plan is created which identifies the process, costs, benefits and risks; all concerns and expectations are taken into consideration. This is captured in a scoping document.

A scoping review is then held to finalise the business case, and to evaluate the outcome of the planning stage. It is key to the success of the process and provides a completed scoping document.

Do: The wiki or space is created to receive the information, and the appropriate access rights granted.

Expert's knowledge will be captured by interview, or by self-documentation. This information will then be structured and validated, and where gaps are found, or the information is unclear further acquisition and structure will occur. This cycle is completed by a final validation of the structure and content by a recognised expert.

A facilitator will monitor the contribution and ensure that the objectives, as set out in the scoping document, are being fulfilled. This is then reviewed via the approval process, which forms part of the final validation.

Review: The output of the activity is reviewed to ensure it fulfils the requirements as defined in the scoping document. Furthermore any lessons learnt are recorded to aid future processes. The target audience are granted access rights and the use and reuse of the information is encouraged via promotions.

Key benefits

How we can help

hut31 can support you throughout the entire project life cycle and provide comprehensive training, support and the latest tools via our wiki services.

We can provide refresher training, critical analysis of your captured knowledge, and support and advise on how to improve your current KM practices.

We can even perform the whole process on your behalf; interviewing your experts, structuring your knowledge, analysing your existing information and supplying it on a system ready for you to benefit from our methodology and experience.